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Allison has published four novels, all of which have fans loving her Magical twists and turns. Her books have been purchased by readers in over 50 countries around the globe and can be found on all the major platforms.

The fifth book in the Soothsayer Series, Elysium will be published in 2019 as well as the audiobook for Soothsayer.


No matter where she is in the world, she's always hard at work building new worlds to fall in love with.

Allison was born and raised in Southern California and lived in Georgia from the ages of 3-5. Unlike many authors, she didn't know that writing was her calling until she was much older.


Reading and writing was always a struggle for her as a kid. It wasn't until she started reading Sherlock Holmes that everything fell into place. Jump forward a few years and the Harry Potter series made it across The Pond to America and she hasn't looked back since the boy wizard entered her life.  

She went on to get her degree from California State University Northridge in English Literature and couldn't be more proud to have a degree in something she truly loves.


"When I'm not reading and writing, I love to travel!  And if I'm being honest, I always have my Kindle and a journal to write in every time I hop on a plane.  For me, life isn't complete unless I'm traveling the world and experiencing new and exciting places. I've been around Europe a bit, London is one of my favorite cities and Hawaii is where I wrote a good chunk of Soothsayer." 

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