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Image by Siora Photography

I love it when authors shows us another point of view, especially if it's from another main character.

At first, I thought I might do a companion book to Soothsayer and show Robert's side of the story. But it just didn't feel right. I wanted something a little more, a little extra. 

When I finished writing Soothsayer and Robert ends up with the bad guys, I knew exactly what I wanted to write for his story. Little did I know, Robert had a lot to say and writing with him was a whole new experience. His voice is so different from Violet and he has this rich history of loved ones and Magic. 

Writing from the point of view of someone who had intimate knowledge of the Magical world was like a breath of fresh air. To this day, Robert's voice is clear in my head and he'll immediately chime in if he has something to say. I attribute our bond to the time we spent writing Avalon together.

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