Waking The Lady of the Lake had to be difficult, it had to be a process, but I wasn't sure what that process was when I started writing, Trivium.


I knew I wanted to have Excalibur in this book, because...well it's Excalibur! Then I came across a beautiful stone which I fell in love with and I knew I needed to find a way to use it in the book. Hence The Lady's token's were born. Having the characters hunt for the Tokens, was the perfect way to move the story forward. 

The ring came last and it wasn't until Graham came into the picture that I realized we needed three tokens. From the moment Graham showed up on the page, I knew he wanted to give Violet something...but what? It had to be something she could wear and she already had the necklace, so the ring was introduced. I had something more regal, something plain and then I saw this skull ring and fell in love! 







These two couldn't be more opposite, though they do have a lot in common. Now, Violet isn't perfect and she does kill her fair share of people. And Morgana, well it's hard to justify her actions, but she does love fiercely and fight for the people she loves.


When I first sat down to write Morgana, she was hard to read, hard to figure out and frankly, hard to write for. There is so much to her character under the surface and it took awhile to really get to know her. Once I finally got under her skin, she was a blast to write for. I mean, who doesn't want to be the bad guy sometimes. Morgana also has a free-ness to her that was so refreshing. She doesn't overthink, she doesn't worry, she just does what she wants, when she wants.


Now, Violet on the other hand, came to me and wanted me to tell her story. Though at the time, I had no idea what that story was. Violet has always been crystal clear for me and easy to write. Though she is much more cautious and she does tend to overthink things, she is growing and learning to let go a bit. 


Both Violet and Morgana have been through the ringer. They've lost people they love, they've had to fight for everything they have. Had just a few things been different in either of their lives; Morgana a different mentor, Violet knowing that her parents were murdered by Magic, they could have ended up in the others shoes.


There is darkness and light in the both of them, but it was the path they chose that made them who they are.     




Her Magic stirs inside me, untamed and wild. It's so unlike the calm and quiet woman standing next to me, that it takes me a moment to reconcile the two and focus. 

Her Magic mingles with my own as the two build in strength, itching for a release. My breath catches as the hairs on my arm rise and we lose the connection.

My eyes meet hers and the uncertain feeling of first time lovers creeps into my heart and I can't help but wonder if she feels it too.


His Magic burns through me, warm and comforting. I have to force myself to stay focused and in control. I've felt his Magic before, when he saved me, but there's an eagerness to it now that I haven't felt before.

His Magic moves through me, touching my own and sending a shiver down my spine that makes me lose focus and the connection breaks.

My eyes meet his and heat flushes my cheeks. Sharing our Magic is intimate in a way I've never felt before and as I stare at him, I wonder if he feels it too.