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No battle is won alone and no war is fought without heartbreak. In this final epic showdown, some will live, some will die and some will be changed forever.

Violet finds herself on a deadly path when her soul is at odds with The Lady of The Lake. Unable to coexist, Violet's at risk of losing everything she's sacrificed for.

As Violet goes head to head with the woman who’s meant to save them all, Morgana is hell bent on thrusting the Magical world out of the shadows. Forging ahead, she assembles an army, slaughtering anyone who dares to stand against her nefarious plan.


Kara is a badass Valkyrie who fell in love with a Viking warrior, Sigurd. But fate has a way of getting twisted in the Norse world and they were torn apart before their time.


As a Valkyrie Kara is meant to fly the nine realms, but she's cursed to wander Midguard for 1,000 years after disobeying a direct order from Odin.

After the death of Sigurd she is left to wander Midguard alone, until the curse is broke and she can reclaim her rightful place in Folkvang once more.


If only it were that easy... 



With the threat of Morgana's return looming over the Magical world, Violet Evans is the only one who can wake the Lady of the Lake and put a stop to Morgana's vengeance.



Traitor, prisoner or both? Robert Maxwell is confronted with his past when Lila Patridge, his ex and the woman hell bent on killing The Waker, takes him prisoner. 



One soul coursing through two hearts. Three tokens to save them all. Myths and Magic collide as Violet risk's losing herself to wake The Lady of The Lake. 



A warrior and every mans equal. Morgana's return from darkness propels her forward as she imposes her authority by any means necessary.



In the epic conclusion to The Soothsayer Series, Violet and the Maxwell’s must embrace their destiny and fight to the death if they want to save not only the ones they love, but the world as they know it.


About the Author

For as long as I can remember, I've spent my days dreaming of far off places, Magical kingdoms and worlds completely different from our own. As a child, this used to get me in trouble with my teachers. But who could blame me, really? Living in a world of Magic, castles, and legendary creatures was always preferable to practicing my times tables.


Now I get to day dream and share my stories with the world. Writing is such an incredible journey. From creating a new world, full of characters and history to hearing from people who have read my books. I may breathe life into fictional characters, but my characters are the ones who make me feel like I'm truly alive. 


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"Soothsayer was ah-may-zing! Amazing! The characters were real, the setting came to life in the pages of the book along with the characters, the world-building was well done, and the pacing was perfect!"

"If you want some magic,suspense, romance,with dark elements and a twist of myths you are most defiantly going to fall in love with Soothsayer!"

"WOW! I'm not huge into reading but this series definatly got me hooked so much so I bought book 4 and can't wait for the 5th one this year."

"Just like the first book, Avolon was a real page turner! Keeps you wanting more. I can't wait to start the 3rd book."


I’d love to hear from you!

If you have questions about my books or you just want to say hello, feel free to contact me by filling out the form!  You can also find me on facebook, twitter and instagram by clicking on the social media icons below.

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