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Robert's POV - Saving Violet

I've been asked about Robert's POV on quite a few moments in the Soothsayer series so I decided to start with the scene where he saves Violet after the wedding!

I forgot how much love being in Robert's voice. <3


Saving Violet

I pressed my hand against her abdomen in an attempt to stop the bleeding. All the color had drained from her face and there was no acknowledgement in her body that she felt me beside her. I can’t be too late. Please don’t be too late.

“Violet, you’re okay, you’re going to be okay.” Her pulse was slow, uneven and there was too long of a pause between each of her breaths. Fear reached down my throat and gripped my chest as I felt her fading in my arms.

“Violet!” I shook her limp body, needing her to look at me. Open your eyes, I repeated over and over in my head.

“Violet, can you hear me?” Panic dripped off of each of my words. Her eye lids fluttered and her eyes met mine. Her pupils were dilated, the green of her eyes barely visible. “Violet, I need you to look at me so I can connect.” She stared up at me, but it was as if she was seeing right through me.

She shuttered and couched up a mouth full of blood and her eyes shut once more. The contrast of red against her pale skin, turned my stomach and I shook her again.

“Look at me!” I demanded. You can’t die. Please don’t die.

She blinked once more and her eyes stayed open this time. Her lips moved as if she was trying to say something, but no sound escaped her throat.

“It’s going to be okay.” I put both my hands on her torso. “I just need you to stay fixed on my eyes. Please, Violet.” I held her gaze as I released a flood of Magic into her broken body.

The pain of her wounds hit my like a ton of bricks and I had to fight not to let go as her agony poured into me through the connection. She was so much closer to death than I realized and it was all my fault. I never should have let her out of my sight.

A small whimper escaped her lips as my Magic wrapped around her wounds and the bleeding began to slow. I could feel her heartbeat grow stronger with each second that passed. Her pupils resumed a normal size and as she stared up at me I felt my Magic twist and alter inside her like I never had before.

The connection was unique, raw and unbridled as more and more of my Magic rushed into her like an open faucet. The sheer force of it was almost enough to make me rip my hands away, but it was her eyes that held me in place. They were warm, inviting and full of promise, like an endless summer evening. I couldn’t fail her, I couldn’t walk away even if I wanted to.

I felt the exact moment her life clicked back into place. “Robert must find her before it’s too late.” A woman’s voice pierced through my mind, echoing the same words I’d read a thousand times in William’s journal.

Her eyes widened as she looked up at me, and her bottom lip fell open on a ragged breath. My Magic burned through her, bringing her back to life as quickly as it drained me. Gritting my teeth, I held onto her her gaze with every ounce of energy in my body. The cut on her head was barely healed when I felt my Magic start to wane. There was no way I’d be able to heal her good as new, but at least she wouldn’t be on deaths door.

I let out a heavy breath and moved my hands away from her stomach. “You’re alright now.” I slumped back against her car. That was far too close.

“Robert?” She sat up slowly and ran her hand along her bare stomach where the wounds had been. There was nothing more than two small scars. I wish I could've taken those from her too, removing any trace of tonight from her body, but I had no Magic left to give.

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