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Elysium Out-Take

**SPOILERS** If you haven't finished the series, you may want to skip this post until a later time.

Last Chance!


Here we go!


When I originally wrote Annabel's rescue, Violet was there, not Vivian. The song, Dusk Till Dawn was playing in the background and it inspired this whole scene in my head. To this day I can still see everything perfectly!

The scene played in my head like a TV show. Think Vampire Diaries montage, with me as the director. Okay, so let me set the scene...they've all returned to the estate after saving Annabel. Robert & Violet are having a private moment in one room. And Jake & Annabel are reacquainting themselves with one another in another room. With the song playing, I cut between scenes of the two couples.

It felt so beautiful in my head, so perfect, seeing Jake & Annabel find themselves again, while Violet and Robert are still trying navigating the path they're on.

This moment between Jake and Annabel does still happen off screen but obviously, the bit's with Violet and Robert have changed and they have this moment/convo split across two different scenes in the final book.

Still I loved writing this and I wanted to share it with you!

Oh and if you can, you should play the song, Dusk till dawn while you read this:

Regular text = Robert & Violet

Italics text = Jake & Annabel

The sun sat low on the horizon, throwing a burst of orange, pink and yellow across the sky. Robert walked up behind me and placed a hand on my hip.

“Everything alright, Violet?”

I closed my eyes and leaned against him.

“Let me,” Jake said as he lifted my shirt over my head.

I flinched at his touch and pain flashed across his eyes.

“You’re safe now, Annabel,” he purred as I placed my hands on his chest.

“Do you think they’ll be okay?” I asked as Robert’s arm snaked around me.

“If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that Jake and Annabel can make it through anything.” He turned me around in the circle of his arms.

“Do you think we’ll be okay?” I asked looking up into his eyes.

“Always,” he placed his forehead against mine.

“I thought I’d never see you again,” I said looking up at Jake.

“I would have come sooner…” He touched the bruises on my face.

“I saw her, the woman, who was me,” tears filled my eyes. “There was no way you could have known.” I turned away from him and switched on the shower.

“We’re not exactly alone,” I breathed as Robert’s hand moved up my spine.

“I don’t care about, Vivian.” Our lips were a breath a part.

My heart started to race as he pressed his body against mine. He was warm, inviting and I wanted to get lost in him, even if the moment was fleeting.

I stepped into the shower and looked over my shoulder. “Will you join me?”

The sound of Jake's shirt hitting the floor was the only response I needed.

Stepping under the water, I closed my eyes and let the heat sink into my bones.

The shower door clicked open behind me, and rush of cold air sent goosebumps up my back.

Robert’s lips touched mine, soft and timid as his hand found it’s way into my hair.

My heart fluttered and my skin burst to flames where our bodies touched.

“I’ve missed you,” he breathed against my lips and my stomach bottomed out.

Pulling him closer to me, I deepened the kiss. I missed him too, more than words could express.

“Does it hurt?” Jake asked holding up my arm and brushing the red, angry skin left by the chains.

“Not so much anymore,” I placed my hand on his cheek.

He looked down at me, a thousand questions in his eyes and I wondered if he could ever trust that it was really me.

“I could feel you on the other side of the gate,” Robert said pushing me against the wall. “All I wanted was to get back to you.”

“You did,” I breathed and ran my fingers through his hair.

His thumb traced the curve of my bottom lip. “I came back to, Vivian.”

He lifted me off my feet and I wrapped my legs around him as he carried me to bed.

My hand fell to his chest and I could feel the tempo of his nervous heart.

“Can I?” He reached for me but stopped just short of touching me.

I nodded once and his hand cupped my cheek. Leaning into him, his lips brushed mine and I could taste his breath.

I closed my eyes and lifted my chin to meet him.

His kiss was hesitant and soft as his grip on me tightened.

“I never want to live another day without you,” he whispered against my lips.

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