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Author Signing with Diana Gabaldon!

Happy early birthday to me! Yesterday I got to meet Diana Gabaldon and get my books signed, it was amazing! I found out the night before, on Twitter no less that she would be in LA doing a Q&A and signing. I've always wanted to attended one of her signing, and even considered driving to Arizona before, so I was thrilled to find out she was only a 30 min drive away! I've been reading Diana's books for almost ten years now. I've watched numerous interviews with her, I read her blog regularly and have gone through her advice for writers many times. I started writing Soothsayer because of the advise she put up on her website. Granted our stories could not be more different, but knowing that she just went for it and starting writing to see if she could in fact write and finish a novel, made me want to try the same thing.

Finally I got to meet Diana and it was such an amazing experience. She was incredibly nice to each and every one of us. When I told her she inspired me to write my own book and publish, she wished me the best of luck and congratulated me. How cool, right? Some people fawn over movie stars, but this was so much better. Diana has been a role model for me and reading her books have always brought me such joy.

A couple years ago, I was in Scotland for my birthday and we were staying at Castle Stuart. I was perusing the library in the great room and one of Diana's books was on the shelf. I remember thinking it was so cool seeing her book in a castle, in Scotland. Then I opened the front over and she had signed the title page. I still remember how excited I was. but yesterday I topped that moment and got to meet my idol in person. There's nothing better than meeting someone who inspires you. It''s never too late to go after your dreams but as Diana says, "...Mozart was dead at 36, so you better get a move on!" Until Next Time!

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