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2017 Goals

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year!! This year I am trying to be more accountable with my goals, so I thought I would share mine with the world and hopefully inspire a few people too. Without further ado, here are my 2017 goals for my author platform.

1. Consistent Income

I really want to start making more consistent income. The first goal to reach is, three digit income consistently and then four digit and so on. This year I'm really focusing on hitting that three digit goal on a month to month basis now that I have three books and a box set out.

2. Double Income

This goes hand in hand with making consistent income. I would be great to double my income this year and really start earning on my assets. By tweaking my marketing plan and getting more books out, I'm hoping to double my income by the end of the year.

3. Finish Recording Soothsayer Audiobook

The audiobook is high on my list for this year. I tried going through ACX last year, but it didn't work out. The recording I got back just wasn't what I was looking for and because of that I decided I wanted to do something unique for my audiobooks. So, this year I will finish recording Soothsayer and put it up on multiple platforms.

4. Email Automation

Right now, I have a welcome email when someone signs up to my list, but nothing to follow up with the readers. I do send monthly newsletters, but I really want to start connecting to my readers more and I think reaching out on a more regular basis from the beginning is really important. So, it is my goal to set up three emails for new subscribers.

5. Publish Le Fay

The forth book in the Soothsayer series is a novella titled, Le Fay. This story will be told from Morgana's perspective. We will get to see a few of the scenes that occur off screen in Trivium and learn more about Morgana and who she is. I have just under 10,000 words on this right now, So it's my plan to finish soon and get this out to the world!

6. Publish 5th Soothsayer Book

The 5th book in the Soothsayer series will be the final book in the series with Violet and Robert. I want to get this written and published by the end of this year.

7. Finish Writing Screenplay

This is more of a creative exercise for me. I started re-writing the Rouge One screenplay because I was so annoyed at the story they told, but now I'm really enjoying the process. So I would like to finish that screenplay to see if it's another medium I might enjoy creating in.

8. Reach 100 reviews for Soothsayer

Getting reviews for books has proved to be difficult! With a little more research and reaching out to reviews and author groups, it is my plan to get Soothsayer up to 100 reviews this year.

9. Look into Graphic adaptations

I really like the idea of a Graphic novel and I think it would be a lot of fun to do. First things first, I want to formulate a plan on the story and look for artists that might be interested in working with me. If all goes well, then 2018 might see a graphic novel for my series!

10. Advertise consistently

Now that I have three books out I want to advertise each month and plan the advertisements out at the beginning of each quarter so that I'm not always worrying what's next. At the end of 2016 I started to advertise a bit and I really saw a jump in sales. I want to keep that going, so that I can reach my other financial goals for this year.

11. Set up a short story for free download

Way back when Soothsayer was barely and idea, I wrote a short story about Arthur and Merlin and how the Magical world in my story came to be. Recently I found that story and the writing is rough, lol. But I want to clean it up and turn it into a free short story that fans can download on my site.

12. Add Content to Website

Soothsayer has a lot of extra content on it's book page and I want to do the same for the other books. I want my website to become a hub for my books where people can experience the worlds I build in another format.

13. Products

I want to commission a necklace like Violet wears and a wax seal or something with Morgana's symbol. I think it would be fun to bring items from Soothsayer into the real world and potentially make a profit off of them. The more avenues of income I have, the better protected by business will be.

14. Attend Smarter Artist Summit

I felt so left out that I didn't attend last year. Literally everyone I follow and look up to went and I promised this year I would go. Not only will this be good for me professionally, but it will help me create friendships with other like minded people.

15. Take a Masterclass in Writing/Screenwriting

There are two Masterclass series, Aaron Sorkin on Screenwiritng and James Patterson on writing that I have been waiting to take for awhile. So this year I want to take at least one of them. I'm also really interested in Hans Zimmer's Film Scoring masterclass, because I love him, but that might just be for fun one day.

And that's it! I know it looks like I'm trying to accomplish an impossible feat, but I've come up with a spreadsheet that will hopefully help organize me. And I'm keeping a physical planner now too! So here's to 2017! Let me know what your goals are this year and what systems you have in place to help you get them done!

Until Next Time...

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