When I first sat down to write Soothsayer, I knew I wanted it to take place in a small beach town. Pulling up google maps I saw Pismo nestled against the coast of California and without hesitation I started writing Soothsayer.

Now, I only live about two and a half hours from Pismo, so I thought I would visit at some point while I was writing Soothsayer, but that never happened. I would look through photos online, watch vlogs on Youtube and read travel articles about this little town that became a huge part of my life.

Four books later my partner in crime surprised me with a trip up to Pismo and it was everything I thought it would be and more!

Within minutes of walking onto the beach, a sea lion swam up to the shore and perched himself on a rock as the waves broke around him. I died.

When I was writing Soothsayer, I wanted to show the softer side of Robert and give Violet a little history into his Magic. For some reason, I chose the memory of him saving a seal on the beach when he was just a kid.

When the sea lion proudly basked in the setting sun, I could feel Robert with me on the beach and the memory I created for him played in my mind.

It was the perfect way to be welcomed to Pismo and my Magical world.

The next morning, I wanted to explore and I fell in love with the scenic coastline. The sharp cliffs, soft sandy beaches and dark blue water were exactly the way Violet described them.

As I sat on the edge of this particular cliff, I could almost see Robert and Violet arguing about whether or not Magic was real down on the beach below.

Writing about Pismo over the last few years, I was worried that the real life location wouldn't measure up to the Magical world in my head, but I was wrong.

Everything about Pismo felt Magical. Like any minute I was going to see Becky, Jake or Matty walking down the street as if it was completely normal for them to be there in the flesh.