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2020 Goals & Looking Forward

Last year I focused on my personal growth and writing and I plan to keep that up this year. Overall I've been so much more successful and happy now that I take the time to write and refill my creative well! 

This year, though, I plan to up my sales and get my platform off the ground and into the stars! Writing may be KING, but marketing is the QUEEN and in order to grow my writing platform, I have to refocus me energy some. 

Alright, into the nitty-gritty...Here are my 2020 Goals

1. Publish Books 1-3 Norse Mythology

Book 1 is all but done and I'm ready to jump into the second one by the end of this month. I want to rapid release these three and launch my new series into the top of the charts!

2. Rapid release in KDP

I'm going to try out KDP with my new series and see how it goes before I publish them wide. KDP is a huge market that I'm not serving at the moment and I would like to launch the books there first and play with some marketing ideas. 

3. Publish Soothsayer Audiobook

This is the year of Audio! It's been a long time coming, but I'm hopefully that we'll be able to get this one out in 2020. Everything is recorded and now I'm just working on the editing process. 

4. Kick My Marketing Into High Gear

I took some time off in 2019 and my sales took a dip. I plan to redo my marketing course and get my ads back up and working well. I will also explore a few other options for marketing. 

5.  Record Avalon & Trivium Audiobook

As for Avalon, I have a narrator already lined up and waiting to record the book! Trivium will be a big project, but I want to get the first pass of both books done.

6. Double My Income

This has been a goal of mine for a few years now, but this year, with my new series and Soothsayer being complete, I want to see my income at least double what it was 2019.

There are a lot of little goals I want to meet as well, like keeping up with my mailing list, growing my VIP group on Facebook, staying engaged on social media and writing side stories for the Soothsayer characters we all love!

So this year, the name of the game is to double down on marketing and keep up with my writing and personal growth! I love having the full year ahead of me to accomplish anything and everything. Time to get all the words done, boost all my sales and take on the new year!

Until Next Time!

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