What does Denmark, Marvel and God of War have in common?

person: how do you come up with your stories ideas?

me: a character typically comes to me and I start to see their story come to life.

person: but how?

me: well, you see. Every full moon, I present a duck with a token in exchange for story ideas...

person: *backs away awkwardly*

In all honesty, inspiration for me, comes from literally everywhere. It's just a matter of paying attention to my surroundings and letting little tid-bits sink in.

Let's take my new book involving Norse Mythology for example. There are three very distinct and unrelated things that helped get me to Kara and Si. 

 DENMARK.                                          GOD OF WAR.                                         MARVEL.

Let's go back to the beginning of this inspiration journey. In 2016 I went all over Europe for my 30th birthday. One of the countries we visited was, Denmark. Want to guess what we did there?

Here's a clue:

Yes, I'm a Viking Queen! Finally! 

Joking aside, we visited the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde and the seed was planted. The ships were incredible to see in person and far bigger than I imagined. I was also struck by how unique their history was. Filled with mysticism, mythology and lore, I was hooked. 

But that tiny seedling wasn't enough to really get a story going in my head. I needed more input, more external influence to get the juices flowing. 

And that's where Marvel comes into play.


When Thor: Ragnarok came out and the little seedling that was planted in Denmark began to grow. 

I loved that we got to see more of Thor's world in Ragnarok. Hella was badass, the Valkyrie were incredible and the stories on the ceiling of a much more brutal Odin gave me chills. 

The first thing I said when we left the theater that day, was damn I love me some Thor! The second thing I said was, I want to know more about the battle between Hella and the Valkyrie.